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An atheist podcast focused on deconversion stories.

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Ep. 70 – The Apostate Pastor
Apr 26th, 2014 by amatterofdoubt at 4:49 pm

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In this episode of A Matter of Doubt, we interview ex-pastor, Dan, known as The Apostate Pastor. (@apostate_pastor)

Dan grew up in a conservative Baptist home going to church 2-3 times a week. He had some rebellious teenage years, like many do. Later in life, Dan developed an insatiable desire to know God. This led him to reading tons of theology books along with the bible, and eventually to become a pastor for 5 years. One doubt led to another, and he left the church in 2012. Dan shares with us 15 things about Christianity that he could not reconcile. And those are the reasons he is a happy atheist today.

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