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Ep. 66 – Donny Reed: No Longer One of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Jan 25th, 2014 by amatterofdoubt at 10:21 pm

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Donny Reed
Donny Reed

In this episode of A Matter of Doubt, we hang out with former Jehovah’s Witness, Donny Reed. He tells us tales of getting in trouble with church elders for saying fuck, and for going down on his own wife.  One of the elders was spying on him with the suspicion that he might be reading apostate literature, and sharing it with other members of the church. Donny shares many of the strange beliefs held by Jehovah’s Witnesses, including the collection of several past dates they’ve predicted as the end of the world. We hear about the importance of the governing body and how they claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the “thinkingest people on the planet.”

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