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An atheist podcast focused on deconversion stories.

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Ep. 69 – DJ No Longer Assembles with God
Mar 19th, 2014 by amatterofdoubt at 8:27 am

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In this episode, Steve has a chat with DJ who writes a blog called Skepticism Over Salvation. While growing up, DJ’s parents where did not take her to church. But her cousin invited her to a Pentecostal church, and although she found it scary, DJ continued to attend. She recounts for us many tales from her time as a believer. She had to console a friend who was in tears after a pastor threatened them with hell fire for masturbating. At one church DJ attended, the head pastor had a problem with the youth pastor because his WIFE was pregnant. He thought that the youth would see how happy this couple was, and then go and have sex because of it. Hear those stories and more in DJ’s de-conversion story from Pentecostal to atheist.



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