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An atheist podcast focused on deconversion stories.

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Ep. 68 – God’s Love is a License for Abuse
Feb 28th, 2014 by amatterofdoubt at 1:22 pm

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Bobby Cary
Bobby Cary

In this episode of A Matter of Doubt, our guest Bobby Cary, shares his de-conversion story. It is a story of many years of childhood physical abuse. Bobby struggled with the cognitive dissonance of pastors preaching about a god of love, compared with the constant beatings he received both at home, and even in church. The fear of hell was very real for Bobby, and he tells us about his long struggle to overcome that fear. Bobby’s story is a testament to the fact that life is so much better without God.

Visit Bobby’s Blog: http://noreligionrequired.wordpress.com/



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